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1. Specification, features and whats Included:

Shower Panel Tower or 'Column' with Black Tempered Glass Front and a 'brushed' Aluminium body.

Solidly made metal/chrome control knobs. The upper knob is a Diverter Control for water flow and the lower one is a Thermostatic Temperature Control for comfort and safety. There is an override stop switch set at 38 degrees C.

LCD Display showing the Temperature. This requires 2 X LR44 Batteries (not supplied).

8 individually adjustable Hydro-massage Water Spray Nozzles Jets. Each 'Jet' pivots separately and the spray pattern can be adjusted. Each Jet has some 14 spray holes in total (6 in the middle section and 8 surrounding them)!

Large and solidly made (brass/chrome) 8" (20 cms) Overhead Shower Head with easy clean Rubber nozzles & Swivel joint on top. Adjustable Shower Arm (metal/chrome) - with 2 'wing-nut' mechanisms.

Handheld Shower Head, with adjustable spray patters and its own wall mounted holder (no longer on the side of the Panel). The metal/chrome flexi hose is some 1.5m long.

Bath Filler Spout (or 'Foot washer' as it is sometimes called!).

Brackets/Fixings/Flexible Connection Hoses.


2. Water pressure/Dimensions/measurements:

The recommended operating water pressure is between 1 to 5 bar.

Overall width: 26 cms (The Black Glass is some 24.5 cms). Overall Height: 1.3 metres tall. Overall Depth of body: 7 cms. Main Shower head: 20cms diameter. Length of Arm from Glass front: 24 (to centre of Head connection). Bath Spout: 7.5 cms. Body Jets: 6 cms wide and 5.5 cms deep.

3. Installation:

It is simple to install. It comes with 2 brackets which are screwed into a solid/secure wall, and there are 2 metal 'braces' across the back of the body which hang on these brackets. Then, you connect up the 2 Flexible hoses situated in the lower half of the body to your Hot and Cold water feeds. These flexi hoses are approx 50 cms long and have 1/2" BSP compression nuts on their ends (inside diameter 3/4").

The Shower will work with Combination Boiler systems, Gravity fed systems, Pumped hot water systems, un-vented hot water systems or Standard hot water cylinder type systems.

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