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FAST DELIVERY From UK based Stock of Amazing Taps and Showers, sourced and imported by us directly from the manufacturers, thus saving you £££'s. Check out our range of Thermostatic Bath Shower Mixers, Concealed and Exposed Shower Valves (both Thermostatic and Non-thermostatic), Handheld & Fixed Overhead Shower Heads, Conventional Basin and Bath Taps, as well as Kitchen Taps. We specialise in supplying various Thermostatic Bath Shower Mixers, both wall and deck mounted. They can be supplied with or without various hand shower sets.

If you cannot see the exact 'Combo' that you are after, then no problem, we are happy to assist you with a bispoke one! Just call or email us with your requirements. Please don't forget to 'Like' us on Facebook and give us Feedback!

CUSTOMER SALES/SERVICE TELEPHONE: 01202 874087 (Mon-Fri 9.00am to 5.00pm).     EMAIL: sales@ourtaps.com




Type of Taps and Showers we stock:


 Victorian Hot & Cold Taps (Pair)    

Individual 'H' & 'C' Pillar Basin Taps (pair)

Simple design now with ceramic discs (as opposed to the traditional or conventional washered mechanisms), single outlet tap for either hot or cold, normally 1/2” inlet for connection to 15mm pipe for washbasins.
 Basin Monobloc Mixer Tap    

Single Lever Monobloc ('Mono') Mixer Tap

Modern Style Single Lever Ceramic Disc (in place of valve and washer) design, dual flow outlet tap for mixed hot and cold, normally comes with M10 (10mm) inlet hoses for connection to 15mm pipe for washbasins. Unless you have a very low pressure system or are looking for the lowest possible cost then it is best to go for ceramic disc taps.
 Victorian Monobloc Basin Mixer Tap    

Basin Mixer Monobloc Taps

Single body tap where the hot and cold water is mixed together before it leaves the body. When mounted through a single tap hole on washbasin this is referred to as Mono or Monobloc.

Bath/Shower Pillar or 'Deck-Mounted' Mixer

Bath tap set which also has a diverter mechanism to direct the flow to a shower head – which is normally attached to a wall fitting, but can be handheld. Connections are usually 3/4"BSP for connection to 22mm pipework.
 Bath Shower Mixer Taps    

Wall-Mounted Bath/Shower Mixer Taps

Bath Mixer Taps set which also has a diverter control to direct the flow of water to a flexible hose for a handheld shower head, which in turn usually has a bracket or adjustable rail attached to the wall. The taps come with wall connections that allow the hot and cold feeds to be hidden in a wall.
 Kitchen Mixer Tap    

Kitchen Taps

Kitchen taps are usually deck or surface mounted, usually monobloc, mixer taps with a swivel spout so water can be directed to more than 1 sink or basin. They can be short or tall.
 Deck Mounted Thermostatic Bath/Shower Mixer Taps

Bath/Shower Mixer - Thermostatic & Non-thermostatic

Designed to be either wall-mounted or deck-mounted (with 'legs' or Pillars as shown) and combine both Bath and Shower functions (operated by a diverter lever or knob). Ceramic discs usually control the on/off water flow. They do need reasonably strong hot and cold water pressures.

'Concealed style' Manual Shower Mixer Valve Set

These are designed to be wall mounted with the hot and cold supplies to a single 'mixer' valve body that is 'concealed' within the wall cavity behind tiles. They can be fitted at a convenient height for use and would need a fixed shower head and arm. We offer a choice of shower heads and arms to combine with the Mixers.

'Concealed style' Thermostatic Mixer Valve Set

As per the Manual Mixer, but with hot and cold water supplied to a single valve that has a built in pre-set thermostat that will sense a dramatic change in temperature and rectify the situation so that the water does not run too hot when water is drawn off elsewhere in the house. They usually have an override switch set at 38 degrees C, so providing safety for children and the elderly. These are usually more expensive than a manual mixer!
 DUAL FUNCTION THERMOSTATIC RAIN SHOWER SET Multi-function Thermostatic Shower Mixer 'Combo' Set

A Wall mounted 'concealed' unit with sliding rail hand shower set. Can sometimes have 3 or even more functions including Massage Body Jets, bath spout, etc. Uses hot and cold water supplied to a single valve and has a built in thermostatic cartridge which stablises the hot and cold water temperature. This ensures it does not run too hot or cold when water is drawn off elsewhere in the house. A temperature safety 'stop' is usually set at 38 degrees C.

Thermostatic Shower Panel/Column/Tower with Body Jets

A Tower or Panel unit with massage jets. Uses hot and cold water supplied to a single valve and has a built in thermostatic stabliser so that the water does not run too hot when water is drawn off elsewhere in the house.  Usually has at least 3 functions: an overhead shower, a handheld shower on a hose, and massage water jet nozzles. Easy to install, they just hang on brackets and need the water inlets connecting up.



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