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1. Bath Shower Mixer Taps - Specification & Features:

  • The Thermostatic Bath/Shower Mixer Tap are Deck-mounted.
  • They have a connection for the shower set on top of the body and this is controlled by the 'diverter' knob on top of the spout. This outlet is 1/2" BSP (measuring 3/4" diameter outside), however an adaptor to convert the outlet to 3/4" BSP (measuring 1" diameter) is supplied in order to connect to the shower set.
  • The spout has a mesh filter/aerator for smoother water flow.
  • The body is solidly made of brass with a polished 'Mirror' Silver Chrome finish. The Control Handles are 'plastichrome'.
  • The recommended operating water pressures for hot and cold are between 1 and 5 bar, although they should work at 0.5 bar.  NB: Please note that to achieve 0.5 bars of water pressure with a gravity tank system you need a height drop of some 5 metres from the tank to the taps (i.e. equates to 0.1 bars per metre).
  • The overall width of the taps is 26.5 cms, the height of main body is 4 cms, the depth of the main body is approx 5 cms, and the spout reaches some 8 cms from the body.
  • The distance from the centre of the base of the legs to the centre of the riser section is approx 6cms. The maximum distance from the wall to the centre of the riser can be 15cms. The maximum gap between the wall and the back of the deck-mounting legs is some 6cms (i.e. some 8cms to the centre of the base from the wall).
  • The taps come with Deck-mounting 'legs' which are attached to the back of the taps using the nuts on the back of the taps. These nuts have a 150mm centre to centre measurement, however the distance between the inlet centres at the base of the 'pillar' legs is some 180mm. The legs come with securing nuts/washers.
  • The left control knob (as you look at the front of the taps) controls the water on/off. The hot inlet is also on this side.
  • The right control knob is the temperature control. This is Thermostatic for comfort and safety, and there is an override stop button set at 38 degrees C. The cold inlet is nearest this control knob.
  • This Valve will work on the following: Combination boiler / Gravity fed / Pumped hot water unvented hot water / Standard hot water cylinder type systems. The maximum unbalanced water pressure ratio is 5:1.

2. Riser Shower Set:

  • The Contemporary 'Exposed' Shower Riser pipework is in three main sections with an adjustable fixing bracket that is fixed to the wall by screws/plugs. The riser is solidly made from Brass with a polished Chrome Finish.
  • It comes with a matching Chrome approx 7.5"/19cms diameter Slimline Rain Shower Head. The Shower Head is solidly made from Brass and has a swivel joint on top. The Nozzles are easy-clean rubber.
  • In addition there is a flexible 1.5 metre shower hose with separate Pencil Style Handheld Head which has its own sliding adjustable 'plastichrome' holder attached to the Riser Rail.
  • There is a Diverter Valve that is either positioned just above the Mixer or in between the two straight sections, and which allows you to switch water between the 2 shower functions.
  • The entire Bath/Shower set Measures approx 1.65 metres tall from the base of the deck-mounting legs to the top of the Overhead section, and the 'Arm' extends out some 32 cms from the centre of the Riser Rail to the centre of the main Shower Head.

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