Product no.: 398 Replacement Diverter Assembly 057U & 057UD

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Replacement Diverter Assembly with screw-in body, brass shaft including black rubber seal, and new control knob.

To Replace this diverter:

1. Unscrew the diverter control knob on top of the spout, then carefully unscrew the 'flat' section of the diverter that is revealed by you removing the knob. If you cannot unscrew the control knob and it just rotates round and round, then you may need a small thin spanner which should fit straight onto the flat section beneath the knob (you may have to pull the knob up to get the spanner underneath). Undo this carefully so as to avoid scratching the mixer body.

2. The whole chrome section should easily unscrew from the taps body and on the bottom of the brass shaft inside the chrome section there should be a black rubber seal. 

3. Screw the new diverter body into the mixer body and add the control knob.


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