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Concealed Style Valve which requires a minimum depth of approx 6 cms for the body.

The body is solidly made from Brass and has 2 inlets, one for hot and one for cold water. The inlets are 1/2" BSP threaded 'male' (they measure 3/4" across in diameter - outside). They have non-return valves contained inside them. As you look at the front of the valve, the cold inlet is on the right, and hot on the left side.

The 'exposed' Front Cover Plate is Oval in shape. It is made of brass and is finished in polished chrome.  It measures 200mm high by 160mm wide.

The upper knob is the Water flow control on/off and uses a Ceramic Disc cartridge. There are 2 outlet functions and they are 1/2" BSP threaded 'male'.  It is possible to 'cap-off' one of the oulets if it is not required ('cap' not supplied). 

The Control Handles are 'plastichrome' and are some 65mm centre to centre.

The lower knob controls the temperature thermostatically, for stability, comfort and safety. There is an override stop button set at 38 degrees C. The valve has an operating temperature range of 20-50 degrees C.

The recommended operating water pressure is between 1 to 5 bars.   

This Valve works with unequal pressures (max unbalanced ratio of 5:1), and is suitable for Combi Boilers and Tank fed systems (subject to adequate pressure).

This shower valve is also available with a variety of shower, heads, arms, etc.

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