Thermostatic Mixer Valve (3 way)

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This 'All Metal' Thermostatic Mixer Diverter Valve is Wall-mounted and attaches to concealed pipework.

There are 3 outlets, all controlled by one 'diverter' knob. The body is very solidly made of brass. The control knobs are also brass finished in chrome.

The male inlets/outlets are 1/2" BSP (measure 3/4" across in diameter - outside).

The 'mirror-like' Front Cover Plates behind the knobs are approx 75/80mms diameter. The body of the Valve requires a minimum recess depth of approx 7.5 cms. The distance between the centres of the control knobs is 10cms.

The recommended water pressure is between 1 and 5 bar. The temperature is controlled Thermostatically for comfort and safety, and there is a safety override stop switch set at 38 degrees C.

This Valve will work on the following: Combination boiler / Gravity fed / Pumped hot water / un-vented hot water / Standard hot water cylinder type systems.

This Valve is also available with various Shower Heads, Shower Arms, Jets, etc.

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