Shower Head/ Hose Holder & Wall Outlet

Shower Head/ Hose Holder & Wall Outlet

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Round 'minimalist' style Combined Shower Head/Hose Holder with Wall Outlet Connection. This is for use with a 'concealed style shower valve.

The holder/outlet is solidly made from brass and chrome. The main body section measures some 7 cms long. The diameter of the body is 3 cms. The shower holder section on the side is 4 cms long.

It comes with a round 'plinth' which is some 5 cms diameter and 7mm deep.

The inside section is tapered so that the end of a shower hose fits securely. This section also pivots so you can adjust the angle of the shower head.

It also comes with securing nut and rubber washer and had a threaded 1/2" BSP Tail (3/4" diameter outside). The threaded tail is some 5 cms long.

The 'exposed' hose connection is a standard 1/2" BSP size also (3/4" diameter).

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