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This 'All Metal' Thermostatic Mixer Diverter Valve is Wall-mounted and attaches to concealed pipework. The body is solidly made of brass. The control knobs are also made from brass and finished in 'mirror' chrome.

There are 2 functions ('outlets'), both controlled by the upper knob. This knob also controls the water flow and on/off. The two inlets (parallel in 6 o'clock position), and both outlets (3 and 9 o'clock) are 1/2" BSP threaded male ones (actually measuring 3/4" diameter outside). They are suitable for standard 'female couplings).

The temperature is controlled Thermostatically, for comfort and safety, and there is an override stop switch set at 38 degrees C.

The 'mirror-chrome' Front Plates (behind the control knobs) are approx 70/75mms diameter. The body of the Valve requires a minimum recess depth of approx 7 cms. The distance between the centres of the control knobs is approx 10cms. The recommended water pressure is between 1 and 5 bar.

This Valve will work on the following: Combination boiler / Gravity fed / Pumped hot water / un-vented hot water / Standard hot water cylinder type systems.

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