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These Thermostatic Bath/Shower Mixer Tap are Wall-mounted. They have a connection for a shower hose on top of the body and this is controlled by the 'diverter' knob on top of the spout. This outlet is 1/2" BSP (measuring 3/4" diameter outside).

The spout has a metal mesh filter for smoother water flow. The body is solidly made of brass with a polished Chrome finish.

The recommended pressure is between 1 and 5 bar, although they should work at 0.5 bar.

The overall width of the taps is 26.5 cms, the height of main body is 4 cms, the depth of the main body is approx 5 cms, and the spout reaches some 8 cms from the body.

The taps come with standard wall-mounting connections including two 'S Tails', two Chrome Cover Plates and 2 filter washers. The distance between the inlet centres at the back of the taps is the UK standard 150mm / 15cms. The centre of the shower outlet, with the chrome cover plates attached, is some 65mm from the wall.

The left control knob (as you look at the front of the taps) controls the water on/off. The hot inlet is also on this side. The right control knob is the temperature control. This is Thermostatic for comfort and safety, and there is an override stop button set at 38 degrees C. The cold inlet is nearest this control knob.

This Tap/Valve will work on the following: Combination boiler / Gravity fed / Pumped hot water unvented hot water / Standard hot water cylinder type systems. The maximum unbalanced water pressure ratio is 5:1.

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